Mr. Alan Wilkinson
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Alan Wilkinson

  • Master’s Degree from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
  • Bachelor of Science (Management) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US.
  • Over 18 years of significant experiences on the boards of major public companies.
  • Served as senior management positions in Primatics Financial (US), eFront, S.A (France) and TransCentra Inc. (US).

Mr. Alex Ong
Chief Operations Officer

Mr. Alex Ong

  • Master’s Degree from University of Southern Queensland.
  • Executive Vice President and General Manager of OneNet Communications.
  • Experienced in strategic planning and execution, corporate management, productdevelopment, technology deployment, and customer and network operations for 17 years.
  • Outdoor sports enthusiast and excels in Corporate Performance Management.