Promotes the valuable digital currency and rewarding points system among the members. Through the development of personal sales strategies to capture the cash flow in the market as a team, in addition to position yourself as both the entrepreneur and the consumer. The process will generate mass data flow and to collect the Big Data simultaneously.

BDIG will develop its cutting-edge app which is designed to suit the market needs, to collect specific data using the concept of connecting our life to the internet though the app. The idea is to utilize the vast amount of resources available to the BDIG in enhancing its database.

The primitive stage of APPs development:

  • Travel and Tourism
  • Online Shopping
  • Online Auction
  • Mobile Games
  • Live Streaming

BDIG will capture the complex data sets and develop innovative APP based on the analytics of these data as the wind-up through execution of Blue Ocean Strategy. Approaches will then be made to reputable real entities like food and beverages, entertainment, travel and tourism, in forming a solid Online-to-Offline (O2O) business connection. The idea is to draw the potential customers from online channels to physical stores, in setting up a BDIG centralized one-stop platform.

Using the two previous stages to build up a foundation stronghold, to create a massive big data sets and to propagate the value growth of these big data sets into gold. BDIG is underpinned by a strong philosophy and the advantage in the Big Data analytics shall accelerate the growth to become one of the leaders in the new era.